Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Experience during Hajj Pilgrimage 2008 (7)

A Cozy Park in Madinah

Acctually, I didn’t know the name of this place. I found this place when I was walking for sightseeing around the stores and hotels near Nabawi mosque. It’s a small park, with palm trees, decorated plants, and gazebos for sitting down. The roof of those gazebos were unique, they seemed like white tents. Many people spent time there, eating, chatting and jesting with their family and friends.

After praying subuh, I and my husband went there. We bought Briyani rice, roasted chicken and kebab, and we enjoyed our breakfast there. Nice place!

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JelajahiDuniaEly said...

foto-fotonya cantik-cantik
mau liat foto2 n baca dulu yh postingan sebelumnya, thanks ya