Saturday, January 3, 2009

Coming Back after Two Months off

Hello everybody!!
I’m happy to be back again after 2 months off from blogging. For about 40 days I and my husband spent time at Madinah and Mekkah, Saudi Arabia for hajj pilgrim. We went back to Palembang on 16 December 2008.

Then my mother told me that my father was hospitalized because of heart attack since 15 December. He was on ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and his condition was bad. I took care of him, together with my sisters and relatives. Thank God, finally he could survive. He was getting well and now he has already been at his home.

On 27 December- 31 December, I and my family visited Bogor again. On my post before (Visiting Bogor), we decided to buy a house on Harmony-2 cluster. But since the global crisis came, there were many companies got the bad effects, especially the companies in the field of property. We got a lot of input from our friends. They informed us that it is safer to buy a house that has already built. So, finally we decided to find the other house. We start from the beginning again.
Some other time I will write about finding house at Bogor.

I really wanted to write again, but there was one thing. My Internet connection was broken. I didn’t know why it took so long to fix it.

But now, here I am. I went back here to see you, all my blogger friends.
Happy New Year 2009 to all of you!


afie said...

wah senangnya...semoga kami bisa segera menyusul, amin...

*SiRibenMerah said...

welcome back..
how are u??
sorry to hear about ur dad.. hope that he will get well soon..
take care sis =)