Monday, January 24, 2011

Going on Vacation to Garut, West Java (Part II)


After eating, we continued our journey to the hotel. In Cipanas area, there were a lot of hotels. There were large and small hotels. The hotels offered hot spring to pamper visitors , it's no wonder because there was natural hot springs from the mountain in Cipanas.

On my opinion, large hotels and small hotel looked very different. Most large hotels were visible from magnificent and spacious building, while the small hotels were simpler; there was even a small alley entrance location. On average, large hotels such as the Kampung Sumber Alam, Danau Dariza, Tirta Gangga, and the Sabda Alam already "advertised" on the internet.
So that visitors from outside the city could find and booked the hotel via internet or phone. Not surprisingly, in front of large hotels lettering "ROOM FULL" or "SORRY, ROOM FULL", while the small hotels did not. In front of the small hotels lettering the words "EMPTY", there were even special officers who stood in front of small hotels which the job were to offer people on every passing car to stay at their hotel. "Come, sir .. Please stay at our hotel, complete facilities at a low price ... " they said. So whenever visitors came to Garut without prior hotel booking, not to worry, because the small hotels could accommodate them.

When we arrived at Danau Dariza hotels and resorts, located on Jl. Raya Cipanas Tarogong Kaler Garut, we were greeted by quite unique scenery. The hotel lobby shaped just like Toraja traditional house, complete with cow's head on it. The rooms were also provided in the form of traditional houses. There were traditional houses such as
Padang, Batak, Sundanese, East Nusa Tenggara,Bali, etc.. The rooms were set overlooking an artificial lake. Each room was equipped with a boat, so that it can be used for boating on the lake.

After checking in, we rested for a while in the room. But children could not wait to get a boat ride.While my husband and kids going around the lake by boat, I took the picture by camera. In the lake,there were many big fishes. Most of them were gold fishes. The fish came and gathered near the porch steps. When the children spread peanut,the fishes crowd eating the peanut. The fish seemed to be tame, they took the peanut from Dea’s and Rafif ‘s hand. Truly a unique experience!

Unfortunately the weather was less friendly. It rained.. Children, who were easily bored, beganimpatient. Finally, in the rain we walked to the swimming pool. There were two swimming poolsavailable at this hotel, a pool of cold water and a pool of natural hot water. Despite the rain andcold, many hotel guests swam and soak in hot tubs. Because it's too late, the children chose to playthe water ball. Beside the water ball, there were also another game for children such as flying foxand waterbike, but due to rain the kids could not do it.

As we passed the gate of swimming pool, Dea smelled delicious pastry. Apparentlythere was a small shop that sold croissants there. Her stomach was so hungry. She bought a few pieces ofcroissants, or “hollow bread “; that’s the way Dea called them.The price was Rp. 5000, - per piece.It was quite tasty, really inviting appetite.

That night we went out the hotel, looking for a place to eat. Because the kids want to eatnoodles,then we eat at the Mie Alladin.

The next morning, I and the kids tried bicycle water. Anin and Dea pedaled the bike enthusiastically around the lake . Once satisfied, the children went to swim straight until noon.