Saturday, January 8, 2011

Going on Vacation to Garut, West Java. (Part 1)

A friend recommendedGarut, West Java became one tourist destination. He told at a glance about the beauty of Garut. At that time I was not so interested. But when I saw his vacation photos posted on Facebook, I got interested. Immediately, I browsed the internet searching for more data about Garut.

Another friend then gave me the brochures for hotels in Garut. There were two interesting hotels, the Danau Dariza hotels and resorts and the Kampung Sumber Alam resort. So we booked the hotel via telephone, as it was already in the holidays, we almost missed the place. Kampung Sumber Alam was already full. Luckily, we got a room at Danau Dariza hotel.

After packing and preparing for all purposes, by having a hotel brochure with a map to the location, we went to Garut. To avoid traffic jam, we chose to go to Garut on wednesday. It was at 9 pm, the sky was bright and travel was smooth, no traffic jams. We chose to go through Cipularang toll-road. Along the road to Garut , the beautiful scenery of hills, valleys and mountains spoiling our vision. We spent 3.5 hours trip happily. Although had to wonder which direction should we go, we finally arrived in Tarogong Kaler Cipanas ,Garut, without difficulty. Rafif, my youngest child vomited and was pale face, so we decided to stop into a restaurant first.


A roadside restaurant catch our attention. Its name was "Cangkuang Kuring". The menu offered were Sundanese Food. One of them was rice liwet. This restaurant offered dining in the gazebos with the view paddy field and mountain.

Dea and Rafif the swing that was available there. Rafif ‘s pale face was no longer visible. He laughed and swung his body on the swings.

It’s time to order a meal. There were some menu options, all of them were Sundanese and Indonesian cuisine. For example, fried and grilled carp, liwet rice, oxtail soup, fried chicken, grilledchicken, rice oncom tug tug, and others. We booked 2 servings of oxtail soup, 3 servings of white rice, 2 packages liwet rice, grilled chicken on bamboo, and hot sweet tea . The children ate avidly. It was delicious cuisine as well. Rice liwet was tasty, we ate all of themravenously until its crust-descale. Ha .. ha ...


Dani said...

Maaf agak OOT, mau tanya ni pake kamera apa ya? saya suka banget tone warnanya. Thx :)

Juliana Dewi Kartikawati said...

To Dani :
Itu foto2nya diambil dengan camera pocket Canon G11. Simple tuk dibawa jalan2 tapi hasil fotonya cukup memuaskan.

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Great pics. I like your web design also. continue your good work.

Irman Saputra said...

Bismillah. Afwan Bu, ijin copy fotonya.