Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Experience during Hajj Pilgrimage 2008 (14)

The Pigeons

Around Masjidil Haram, at the flat yard near the row of stores there were a lot of pigeons. It seemed that those pigeons had become the pet of people in Makkah. Every morning, there were some men fed the pigeons. The seeds were spread on the yard and the pigeons gathered to enjoy their meal.

The pigeons looked a little bit fatter then those I usually saw in Indonesia. They also seemed healthy. The people in Makkah didn’t afraid of being infected by Avian Virus. The weather there was extremely hot and dry so Avian virus can not live there in Makkah.

I spent some minutes to observe those beautiful creatures every time I passed by the yard. They seemed so tame but when I tried to get closer to them, they would fly away.


Ofan said...

I hope I'll can get there, with my Mother (single parent). But when?

I just can make a wish today...

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