Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Experience during Hajj Pilgrimage 2008 (13)

Slaughtering Place, Jabal Nur and Jabal Rahmah

Our first destination was a place where the goats and camels were slaughtered, and the meat would be given to the needy people.

Here we saw so many camels and goats from pilgrims were slaughtered. The people who butchered were professional; they could do their job very fast. It took only a few minutes from bringing the camels in, executing and cutting them into pieces of meat. I didn’t have the heart to see the process, so I let my husband took the photos.

Next, we went to Jabal Nur. On the top of Jabal Nur there’s Hira cave (Gua Hira) where the prophet Muhammad SAW received the first revelation from God, which was Al-Quran surah Al Alaq 1-5. Unfortunately, we couldn’t climb the Jabal Nur to see Hira cave, because it was too risky.

Jabal Nur

The most interesting place we visited that day was Jabal Rahmah. It located on Arafah field. It was the place where prophet Adam AS and Siti Hawa, his wife, were re-united after separated for a long time.

Jabal Rahmah

Stone for jewelries in Jabal Rahmah

In this place, there were many people sold stone for jewelries in various color. They were cheap and beautiful.


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