Friday, January 30, 2015

Doraemon's Magical Pink Bandana

Being  pursued  by deadline but my brain is clogged. It  has been happening  to me since three weeks ago. I have to finish a manuscript soon but I face a deadlock. Day by day  I can  only stare at   the screen of my   laptop.  I can not write a single sentence at all.

I've been trying to find activities that create  better mood  . But they  were in vain.

The deadline is getting closer and I am  increasingly helpless. I wish I had  Doraemon's  magic pocket  so  I  could grab a magical tool that could  solve my problems.

The magical tool is  pink bandana. What I have to do is just  put the pink bandana  on my head, and  then  the brilliant  writing ideas will be  popping into my mind. The whole idea will be  very attractive and equipped with  very complete data. Wearing that tool,   I can write down all the ideas fluently . By wearing  the tool there will be  no longer deadlock mind. I will  be a  very productive  writer who produce works such as books, articles, reviews, film script, and  fiction stories.

I wish I had a magical  pink bandana ...