Thursday, November 27, 2014

If Only Mom was at Home

One day,  Anin finished joining  an English class after school. It was in the evening when she got home. She felt so tired and cold. The rain that fell had made her uniform getting wet.

There was  Anin’s mom standing in front of the door.  She greeted her with a smile.

After changing her clothes, Anin went into the dining room.  She saw her mom  was preparing dinner.

 Anin said ,"Mom, I got headache."

"Come here, dear. Eat this  soup. Chicken Soup can make you refreshed." Mom  gave her a bowl of steaming chicken soup.

  Mom’s chicken soup was so delicious. And it really made her felt better.

  After dinner, Mom gave Anin medicine.

"Go to sleep. I hope your headache will be healed tomorrow. Tonight, your dad and I have to go  out of town, dear. We will be home the day after tomorrow." Mom said as she looked at Anin.

"Okay Mom. I'll be fine. See you the day after tomorrow." She said before entering her bedroom.

Then Anin fell asleep. She slept  very  soundly so that she didn't  dream at all.

When the morning came, she was startled. It turned out that  she overslept!

Mom was not at home, so nobody woke her up. Anin also forgot to set an alarm clock. She immediately got up, prayed subuh event it was too late,  and  then got ready for school in a rush.  She didn’t have enough time for breakfast.

Anin went to school ushered  by  the driver. But unfortunately they were stuck in traffic jam. When  she arrived at  school, the gate had been closed.

She was sad and felt upset.

“If only  Mom was at home, I would not be late for school. I promised to Mom that I would be fine without her, but in the fact I did not.” She said to herself.   

She missed her mom very much...

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