Friday, April 18, 2008

Let's Learn about Color Idiomatic Expression

I wrote “Dream Job” when I was learning about idiomatic expression and narrative essay. If you want to know the meaning of idiomatic expressions, try to match each sentence or sentence part with the one that has the same meaning in the essay.

Almost all of my friends were quite envious because they thought it was a good opportunity for a fresh graduate like me who was still inexperienced about work. (Paragraph 1)

After having a baby through the Caesar operation, I felt very healthy for a couple of months.(Paragraph 1)

Once in a while, I browsed the internet café nearby. I made application letters and sent them away.( Paragraph 2)

I was so happy after a couple of weeks waiting for the replies suddenly I got 3 job interviews.(Paragraph 2)

In the cubical rooms, I actually caught some employees in the middle doing something wrong yelling to each other with the rude words that should be censored. (Paragraph 3)

After telling her a harmless lie that I enjoyed the interview, I walked out from the room. (Paragraph 3)

But I didn’t want to let them think that I was a coward so I decided to continue. (Paragraph 4)

He said that the salary would be negotiable, but it couldn’t make the situation seem good. (Paragraph 5)

It didn’t make sense for me. Those whole things really made me totally frustrated. (Paragraph 5)

There is always a way out in every difficult situation. Why don’t you change your point of view? Do not try to find your dream job, because it has already been on your hands.” He said (Paragraph 6)

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